video stories

The Hope Initiative video participants talk openly and honestly about their mental health journeys.  They discuss therapies and medication and the factors that led them to have productive lifestyles.  Each video provides an honest, moving and personal story.


Bonny talks about depression and how her fluffy cat was instrumental in her health care journey.  She is an advocate for Gifted Depression and High Functioning Depression.  Visit her blog -


Danni talks openly and honestly about her 5150 hold to moving forward through therapy, meds and bass guitar.


Emily is Mrs. San Francisco 2020 and she talks about how seeking help gives her strength. Visit her site:


Colin is from Dublin, Ireland and he provides his story of bipolar disorder.  He is also a fitness instructor who works with special needs kids.


Andrew discusses how friends a family helped him on his journey 


Tamuri speaks about the effects of PTSD after years of depression & anxiety


Sharon shares her experience with postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter